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Drain Cleaning and Drain Unblocking

Do you have a Blocked drain in Kilkenny or the surrounding areas?

Blocked drains can be unblocked and cleaned by Drain Jetting/ High Pressure Water Jetting or by the conventional method of drain rodding. Easy Flow Solutions is equipped with the latest tools to ensure a quick and efficient job is carried out.

What is Drain Jetting/ High Pressure Water Jetting?

drain_cleaningPipe and drain unblocking and cleaning is commonly performed by a technique known as Drain Jetting or High Pressure Water Jetting. This is the application of streams of high water pressure for use within pipes for cleaning and removal of debris.
Water at the correct pressure can cut roots, dissolve blockages, and emulsify grease and soaps while cleaning pipe wall surfaces.
As part of the jetting process, the water from the nozzle can also wash away accumulated dirt or debris on the bottom of the pipe at the same time.

For drain jetting, a jetting nozzle is attached to the end of a length of high pressure hose with the other end connected to a high pressure water pump. Jetting nozzles have small precision machined openings or jets to restrict water flow from the jetting pump, causing high pressure to build within the hose. As the pressurized water is expelled from the nozzle jets it reverts from pressure to velocity creating thrust that allows the nozzle to pull the jetting hose. With the system pressurized, high pressure jetting hose coiled on a hydraulic reel is released by the operator who controls the travel speed and distance of the nozzle up the pipe. Pressurized water expelled from the nozzle jets cleans debris, removes pipe blockages or roots and also cleans the inside of the pipe while travelling through the pipe. Cleaning is achieved when the hose is being rewound onto the hydraulic reel. During this action, water from the nozzle jets effectively forms a curtain or wall of high pressure water that forces or pulls back the debris downstream.

A basic nozzle used for pipe and drain unblocking and cleaning. Rear jets provide propulsion of the nozzle while cleaning the pipe wall surface. The forward jet is used to penetrate blockages for the nozzle to pass through, and cleaning is carried out by the rear jets. Not only do we unblock your drains but we also unblock toilets, sinks, showers and baths.

CCTV Drain Surveys

Our CCTV surveys identify the exact location of problem areas in your pipes, drains, sewers and chimneys. CCTV Surveys can reveal all sorts of problems with drains from the intrusion of roots to major structural faults.

At Easy Flow Solutions, we can use our colour CCTV equipment in the darkest areas to investigate a problem with the least possible disruption to your home or business.
We can then establish the cause of the problem and provide the best solution for you and the environment.

Preventative Maintenance

Maybe you don’t currently have a blockage in your system, but you just want to regularly prevent future blockages. If you’re looking to do this, then Drain Jetting is definitely the appropriate procedure. Again, Drain Jetting is able to actually clean your pipes as well as unblock them. So, for a regular cleaning service, Easy Flow Solutions highly recommends high pressure water jetting to keep those blockages at bay.

Soft Washing

Softwash Cleaning is a  highly effective process for cleaning exterior surfaces such as render, roofs, pebble dash, dry dash, concrete, brick, tarmac and decking.

Our aim is to avoid the outdated damaging use of harsh chemicals and power washing, as it is now recognised that cleaning carried out aggressively will damage the finished surface and encourage much quicker organic re-growth.

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Power Washing and Gutter Cleaning Services

Using our high pressure washing unit with two large tanks, Easy Flow Solutions provides a professional power cleaning and pressure washing service for;

  • If you need something cleaned, call or email us at any time for a quotation.


Headstone Cleaning Kilkenny

Cleaning statues and cleaning monuments is sensitive. A cultural legacy can be damaged beyond repair by using too much aggressive high pressure cleaning, or a corrosive cleaning agent. We will work to clean and restore statues and monuments to their full glory. We will test and analyse the stone type to ensure it is treated respectfully and at no risk of damage. Our softwash detergent blends will softly remove the dirt and stains, be they man-made or organic, and the clean effects last for three times longer than a high pressure wash.

Headstone Cleaning Kilkenny

We all like to have a reminder of our deceased loved ones and unfortunately finished surfaces such as headstones and monuments can quickly deteriorate and sometimes after long periods of neglect, will require cleaning to help preserve them. Both weathering and organic growth can leave gravestones and monuments looking unsightly. Our solution for cleaning headstones involves a non aggressive technique, unlike high pressure cleaning such as sand blasting or power washing.

The surface is then preserved through the treatment after cleaning so it can stand for decades to come

.Our Softwash cleaning methods will leave the gravestone of your loved ones in the best possible manner.