What is DOFF?

DOFF Integra is a low pressure steam based stone cleaning system. It is unlike any other steam system and can achieve temperatures of up to 150°Celcius at the nozzle tip, making it a super heated water vapour system. The trained operator can vary the temperature and pressure to remove many different types of paints and biological matter.

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What can DOFF be used for?

The steam/superheated water vapour will remove moss, algae, fungi, paint and all biological matter and will kill off remaining spores. This means there is then no need to use harsh chemicals during the removal or as protection against further biological growth.

How it works.

DOFF will clean stonework and masonry using high temperature steam. Whilst the temperature in the system is high, the pressure on the surface being cleaned is very gentle and the volume of water is low (5lpm). The surface will not be saturated or damaged and will be dry within minutes.

What is the DOFF most effective in removing?

What surfaces can I use DOFF on?

We recommend the DOFF for use on surfaces such as brick, stone, concrete, tiles, wood, and terracotta. It is a useful sterilisation tool for kitchens, toilets, swimming pools, hospitals and factories.

Where can I use DOFF?

DOFF can be used in Building restoration, Industry, Food production, Hygiene control, Hospitals, Factories, Transport & vehicle depots and Workshops etc.

How does DOFF work?

A normal water supply (tap) is taken through the pump into the Hotbox, where a range of temperatures of up to 150º Celcius can be achieved. The low volume of super heated water and steam (5 litres per minute) is then fed through heat resistant hoses to special nozzles where a genuine 150º C is delivered. The surface being cleaned does not suffer any damage from pressure, thermal shock or deep saturation and dries within minutes. A range of different lances and nozzles can be used for different applications.

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