We are proud to announce the arrival of our new specialist gutter cleaning equipment. We can now offer you a fantastic gutter cleaning service for your home or business.

The equipment is used at ground level and utilises a vacuum system for the safe and thorough cleaning of your gutters.

Covering Kilkenny and surrounding areas Easy Flow Solutions clear and clean gutters, downpipes, fascias and soffits.

It’s recommended that gutters be inspected and cleared of any blockages twice annually.

Gutter Cleaning ensures the smooth flow and disposal of rainwater and reduces the risk of blocking which can lead to water damage to outer walls, roofs and later the foundations of your building. Too much moss or grass in your gutters becomes very heavy and can break them or cause them to fall off, costing you much more in the long run.
Downpipe entry points and outlets are checked and cleared and finally gutters are fully flushed to ensure water is flowing freely.

Occasionally Gutter Cleaning and Clearing requires working at height and due to the many kinds of roof and building designs, sometimes it is only possible to price accurately following an inspection.

Looking for gutter cleaning in Kilkenny? Contact us in our Kilkenny Office for all your Gutter Cleaning requirements.

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