Say goodbye to unsightly Red & Green Algae, Moss, Lichen, and Black Mould around your home or business.

Soft Wash Exterior Cleaning is a highly effective process for cleaning exterior surfaces such as render, roofs, pebble dash, dry dash, concrete, brick, tarmac and decking.

Our aim is to avoid the outdated damaging use of harsh chemicals and power washing, as it is now recognised that cleaning carried out aggressively will damage the finished surface and encourage much quicker organic re-growth.

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Easy Flow Solutions uses a friendly non-aggressive method which cleans moss, algae, lichen and fungi from all exterior hard surfaces using the highest of professional grade biocides with a low environmental footprint, which is also user friendly and has much longer lasting results than outdated aggressive cleaning.

Although highly concentrated our biocide is a soft and gentle treatment that will treat growth without damaging surfaces or the environment.
We are committed to providing a professional service to educated customers who have chosen to responsibly clean their property without damage to the surface, the environment or the user.

We carry out Soft Wash Cleaning throughout Kilkenny and the surrounding counties.

For a free quote please don’t hesitate to call Trevor on 085 7250946 or 056 7805275

Softwash vs Powerwash

Powerwash Softwash
Removes surface growth from exterior surfaces  ♦  ♦
Cleans concrete surfaces  ♦  ♦
Can be used to clean cladding, decking, fencing, playgrounds and outside hard sports grounds  ♦  ♦
Results appear to be quicker  ♦
Eliminates algae, mould, mildew, moss, fungus and lichens  ♦
Uses a gentle low pressure application with specialised cleaners and algaecides to clean exterior surfaces
No potential of accidental water damage as only the pressure equivalent of a garden hose is applied  ♦
Regrowth prohibited  ♦
Complies with safer Exterior Cleaning practices  ♦
Prolongs the life of roof tiles & slate and all other exterior hard surfaces  ♦
Can safely be applied to softer external surfaces such as external insulation, cladding and stucco and will not harm decorative mouldings on buildings and walls including coloured K-Render finished plaster.  ♦
Will not gouge or damage surfaces and yet restores them to their original condition
Safe on window seals
Uses quiet electric pumps and no loud fossil-fuel burning motors and can run on battery pump or tap pressure.  ♦
Achieves the latest in exterior cleaning technology  ♦
Niche market & fast growing Industry  ♦

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