Introducing the RATFLAP®. An innovative, simple and cheap solution to the worldwide problem of rats in sewers. RATFLAP® prevents rats from moving from main sewer systems into the pipes serving properties. The RATFLAP® will stop rats from breaking out of a damaged pipe underground and gaining access.

Innovative Design

Designed by a pest controller who understands the biology and behaviour of brown rats, the RATFLAP® is designed to stop rats in their tracks, while not affecting the flow of the sewer. Made entirely from 304 grade stainless steel and precision cut by laser meaning RATFLAP® will last for decades. Taking years of development the device is designed to be a simple “fit & forget” solution and can be fitted by almost anyone although a basic knowledge of sewer flow and layout is recommended.

Fit & Forget Solution

RATFLAP® is available in all sewer pipe sizes (4inch/100mm, 5inch, 6inch/150mm, 9inch/225mm up to 12 inch/300mm and odd sizes can be made upon request too) RATFLAP® can be retrofitted into old, plastic or clay pipes and new pipe systems too. RATFLAP® can be placed into the upstream or downstream positions depending on your sewer flow layout.

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